Our services


  • Free 30 minutes session to get confidence about the way how to solve your challenge

  • How many people really know your values, goals, specific obstacles, struggles, wishes?

  • Even more importantly, how many people is capable to independently guide you with appropriate experience and distance from their own challenges?

  • This session is a way to confidentially find out (or to share without critics) what you are looking for

  • Consequently to clarify how we can proceed together to make your life better

During the session:

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of solution you’d like to have

  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success

  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to solve the challenge once and for all


  • Do you dislike your work, do you miss the purpose of your work or are you stuck in your career?

  • Are your relationships (kids, partner, friends, parents, boss…) far away from your expectations?

  • Do you have perception that “nothing works” even when you have tried everything?

  • Have obligations replaced your dreams?

  • Don`t you enjoy the result even if you succeed?

  • Do you have impression that things turn against you frequently? 

We will learn to:

  • Recognize our strengths and weaknesses and use both for our benefit

  • Know our fears and limiting beliefs, which inhibit enjoying our life, careers, partnerships…

  • Manage difficult life and work situations

  • Look at kids, partner, colleague, parents from different perspective and to understand differences

  • Realize what forces us to do things which we do not like

  • Reflect importance of our passions and following the purpose of our life

  • Start changing our life to satisfying, pleasurable and fulfilled one 


  • Are you well trained but result is not coming?

  • Does pressure of family, visitors, media, trainer, opponents paralyze you?

  • Do you doubt your performance after mistake? Are you not satisfied even after win?

  • Don`t you win the key moments of the match/race?

  • Do you feel being stuck on the same performance level and not moving forward?

  • Or is it everything OK only until the match/race come? 

Sport performance is the result of physical, mental and sport specific training. Training quality of EVERY component determines the winner.

Using systematic mental training we will learn to:

  • Change critical moments of the match/race into predictable results

  • Control of our fears and use it for achieving the win

  • Transform pressure from surrounding into energy for our own benefit

  • Change training effectiveness when feeling that it is impossible to train physically more

  • Keep self-confidence and bigger view in every moment

  • Use lose as a tool on the way to win, enjoy the win