About us

Peter Lorko

  • Peter is a sport mental coach, e.g. Slovak Women Handball National Team

  • He believes we were born perfect and if our life does not look like this, we can change it.

  • He has 15+ years’ experience in managerial and consulting positions in global corporations, e.g. CFO, Investment Controlling Manager, Supply Chain Manager

  • Invented triangle “Food – Head – Move” originally for himself several years ago. Now he uses it effectively for his couching

  • His purpose is using couching for changing sport environment so that kids and youth can learn from their idols.

  • “It`s never too late to be in a perfect shape and to win”

Erika Koklesová

  • Erika is a member of Slovak LeadIN team,

  • She believes that it is possible to find solution in every situation, even if it does not seem like that

  • She has 15+ years’ experience in managerial positions in global corporations, e.g. HR Director or Customer Care Centre Manager

  • Happy and satisfied people around her are considered to be her biggest success.

  • Her purpose is to offer variability a guide people so that they can live satisfied and fulfilled life.

  •  “Fails are our teachers, not judges”