„I count twice and I am back on track.“

Ada Medvedová, slovak representation goal keeper in handball, after adopting the technique of mental switch.

"My body feels the energy. I like it this way."

Lenka R., after two coaching sessions.

"I stopped being angry, because I know, it harms me."

Zuzana Haladíková, member of wider representation of Slovak handball team.

My head kept on telling me, I don't need the help of a coach. I have everything "tidied up. Eventually, I decided to meet a coach. Already after the enrollment session we managed to look together into my past. I realized, our empotional experience from the childhood (and I am not necessarily talking about negative ones, on the contrary) can influence our rational decision making in the adult life. Same way as our parents, teachers, relatives programmed us, we program our children. For me, it was very enlightening to understand this connection. I have the feeling, this is the way to definitely change my bad habbits. 

Michaela S., describing the beginning of her way leading to getting rid of a bad habbit of late evening eating. 

I got more than I expected.

Richard Gáži after coaching about the future direction of his own business

I focus just on myself and disregard the surroundings. I have never done this before purposefully. And I happen to be succesful. 

Adriana Medveďová, slovak handball representation goalkeeper